E-Fintech School APAC (15 Nov - 15 Dec 2020)

Our E-Fintech School, driven by the industry for the industry.
Its aim is to get subject matter experts in Fintech and in business to share practical (real life case studies) and useful insights, knowledge and experience to build a sustainable and robust FinTech ecosystem.
This is an official application form. Successful applicants will be notified via email.

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Each individual is required to submit one application. [Application deadline is 01 November 2020 - 5pm Malaysia time/ Singapore time/ Hong Kong time]
There is no group application.
Please ensure that each individual is represented by using one application / submission per person.

Join us for a webinar on 23 October, 4pm -6pm MYT/SGT/HKT to meet the Board and Instructors
For those who have missed the session - https://youtu.be/VXPdBboFNR0

Past instructors:-

Why are we doing this?
There’s a talent drought currently in the industry and our E-Fintech School is geared towards planting seeds amongst interested individuals that are keen to embrace and apply fintech knowledge to solve real world problems in the area.

We have had initial success in Malaysia and HK, with our collaboration alongside strong brands like AWS, Force Point and Microsoft to name a few but the end goal is to propagate more solution providers of the future within our industry ecosystem.

We are ramping up the sellection of the best industry experienced teachers in the region, to build a connected and trusted community within APAC.
To be part of this program, interested applicants can apply on the associated link. If successful, you will be among the first 100 in the 2nd cohort to commence this unique industry driven and backed program. Our program is free- no fees involved (There will be a deposit of USD 100 upon successful application that will be implemented as a reimbursement-upon-graduation model) and you will obtain an industry backed digital certificate upon completion.

Our course will be conducted online in English for 1 month from 15 November - 15 December 2020, conducted after working hours on the following times:

7pm-9pm (UTC+8 hours) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Saturdays are ad-hoc classes which will be announced early.

Subjects that we will be covering include:-

Fintech - Payments, P2P , digital/microlending, insurtech, robo-advisory, stock trading
Techfin - Challenger / Neo bank, Open api, Cryptocurrency,
Technology/Digital - Blockchain, Compliance v Innovation, EKYC, Cybersecurity, Data, Privacy, Cloud, Regtech
Entrepreneurship - Startup & Scaleup, Venture Capital and Investment, Intrapreneurship, Leadership & Community

There will be more information to be released soon.
T & C apply. All applicantions must be complete to be considered. The decisions of the Organiser and Board are final.


1. What can I gain from the course?
● Better employability with the new skillset, knowledge and appreciation of Fintech

● Ability to apply key practical knowledge for the APAC region

● Industry-ready applicable knowledge with actual case studies

● Exclusive insights from industry experts

● Networking opportunity with people/companies that can offer new ideas and job/ business opportunities

2.· What topics will be covered in the course?

Week 1: Fintech - Payments, P2P, Insurtech, Robo-advisory, Stock trading

Week 2: Techfin - Challenger / Neo Bank, Open API, Cryptocurrency,

Week 3: Technology/Digital -Blockchain, Compliance v Innovation, EKYC, Cybersecurity, Data, Privacy, Cloud, Regtech

Week 4: Entrepreneurship - Startup & Scaleup, Venture Capital and Investment, Intrapreneurship, Leadership & Community

3. How will the course be facilitated?
Online lectures and tutorials focusing on problem solving scenarios and case studies

4. Where will sessions be held?
All sessions will be held online

5. Will sessions be recorded?

6. Will participants be examined?
No exams, quizzes or test. Quizzes and tests are applied with the objective to have fun while learning and getting to know your classmates.

7. Is there a registration fee for the course?
A Once-off payment of USD 100 will be taken from participants at the start of the course in the form of a registration fee and deposit.

The payment will be fully reimbursed to participants upon successful completion of the course. The purpose of this fee is to get the full committed genuine participants keen on getting the most out of the course.

8. Is this course opened to international applicants?
Yes, and the payment will be USD100 (reimbursed to participants upon successful completion of the course.
9. What is the maximum capacity per class?
Maximum of 100 participants per class with the option for the instructors to reduce the class size.

10. Will I need to attend all sessions?
There is an 80% attendance criteria in order to obtain a certificate of completion and to get the full reimbursement. Pitching at the end of the cohort is mandatory.
Participants will be given the chance to catch up on classes via a recording if they miss up to 10% of classes. They must complete this during a 2 week period.
Exceptional cases are up to the discretion of the E-Fintech Advisory Committee.

11. What is the team project in Week 2?
Over the course of two consecutive days, teams of 5 will have to present a solution to a problem statement from the industry.

12. I’m a bit like Hermione, what else can I do to get more than the certificate of completion? Are there any other awards?
There will be awards for the Best Pitch, Best Team and Best Fintech/ Techfin

13. How many hours must I attend weekly?
Participants must attend a minimum of 6 hours per week

14. How long is it a class session?
2 hours

15. How many sessions are there weekly?
7pm-9pm (UTC+8 hours) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Saturdays are ad-hoc classes depending on instructors' availability and will be informed beforehand.

16. When will the class schedule be released?
November 2020

17. Is there a penalty for failing/ not completing the course?
You will not receive your digital certificate of completion and there will be no refund of your deposit.

18. Can I choose my topics?
The topics are mandatory unless specifically mentioned to be optional. These optional classes are supplementary classes you can attend to support your project

19. Are course materials provided or will I need to purchase them?
Course materials depend on each teacher. There will be no fee for the materials. You will have to make your own meals and snacks yourself.

20. What is the selection criteria for applicants?
Selection is based on your application. We are looking for individuals who are clear on what they would like to achieve from joining this school and how you plan to use what you’ve learnt in the space you’re in.

We are looking to form the cohort of the E-Fintech School around APAC that applies our principles of diversity, inclusivity and practicality of applying the experience and knowledge from this school to their lives, work and problems they face.

For more information, please visit www.fortnynja.com or email at info@fortnynja.com

See you at our first E-Fintech School.

FortNynja Team

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